Our Team of Highly Dedicated Professionals

Anthony W. Kurley       
Marie Martin                                          
President and CEO                                 Quality Manager
412-423-2040 412-423-2014
tkurley@clarkprecision.com mmartin2@clarkprecision.com
Mic Dishmon Tom Johnson
Sales Representative Manufacturing Engineering Manager / Quotes
904-501-8534 412-423-2042
mdishmon@gmail.com tjohnson@clarkprecision.com
Greg Czegan Vince Sciulli
Controller Cold Draw Manager
412-828-1227 412-828-7539
gczegan@clarkprecision.com vsciulli@clarkprecision.com
Greg Link Kathy Chatary  
Purchasing Customer Service Representative
412-828-1215 412-828-1627
glink@clarkprecision.com kchatary@clarkprecision.com