CNC and Precision Machining

CNC and Precision Machining

Clark Precision has recently invested millions of dollars of capital in a modern, state-of-the-art CNC department with the ability to make precision machined parts to your specifications.  

We also employ a dedicated CNC Manager who oversees and equally dedicated staff of highly skilled and experienced machinists who are ready to make your precision part today

Our State-Of-The-Art

CNC Department has the ability to handle the following

Maximum Outside Diameter

  • Round:  2.559”
  • Hex:    2.250”
  • Square:    1.812”

Maximum Overall Part Length:    24.724”

  • Finished O.D.:    +/-.0005”
  • Finished I.D.:    +/-.0005”
  • Finished Length    +/-.001”


CNC and Precision Machining

View our complete inventory of our CNC equipment.  

CNC and Precision Machining